Thomas Tow Truck
Towing San Antionio 3+ yrs


We are certified and excepted by the better business bureau as having great. Customer service and doing our jobs well. When towing cars, it is important to maintain a professional and friendly attitude. Sometimes, our tow truck drivers must face people who are upset. They are well trained in being compassionate with the car owner, while simultaneously upholding the law and the regulations regarding parking in that specific place.

They are instructed thoroughly in providing the necessary information so that people can easily find their car, pay the fee, and get on with their day. Nobody likes being towed, but sometimes people must learn the hard way that signs and Street regulations must be adhered to for the good of the community, the safety of the street, and the cleanliness of our city. Thomas Towing understands. That is why we hire people who are conscientious, professional, and responsible. All of our drivers have been thoroughly vetted.

Each one has passed a background test before being certified to manage one of Thomas Tow Truck's San Antonio tow trucks. We regularly hold trainings to maintain a level of diligence in our tow truck drivers. It is important that the entire process of telling, from leaving headquarters to arriving on the scene and taking the car where it needs to go, comes off smoothly and efficiently. It is of the upmost importance that no damage occurs to the vehicle being towed.

We have the highest standards of care towards the vehicles that we tell. This is the reason people call Thomas's tow truck first. Because they know we will arrive on the scene fast, that we will be respectful, and that we will take great care of the vehicle in our charge. Finally, we have great relationships with the businesses in our area and the city trusts us.

Did we mention that our business is expanding? In the coming months, we are planning to open additional locations of Thomas Towing, to provide not just San Antonio cheap towing, but other cities in Texas.

Why Should I Call Thomas Tow Truck Service San Antonio instead of AAA or any of the other towing companies?

Good question! When you call triple A for emergency towing, there are pluses and minuses. While it is great that you get a good deal, this often comes at the expense of your local San Antonio tow truck companies. The companies that work with AAA towing services in Texas only receive a portion of the regular fee.  This in turn results in slower service, and unfortunately, can result in less dedicated tow truck drivers. This is certainly not the rule, as many people have great experiences when they call AAA! We ourselves at TTT have great friends at other companies that provide the towing San Antonio so often needs. However, it is good to know if you are in a hurry that a private towing company might be quicker to get to you. That is certainly true about us! So call away, and let Thomas Tow Truck save the day!