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About Us

Hello! Welcome to Thomas Tow Truck. We are San Antonio's favorite towing company. If you find yourself in a jam with a Pops tire or four and no way to get home, will be there in no time. There's nothing scarier than being stuck with no way out of traffic in a breakdown.

​Call Thomas Tow Truck 's towing and we will bring you and your car to safety. We have great relationships with auto repair shops in the area and will take you there directly, should that be your need. We also guarantee the best prices for our services! If your business and must regularly deal with people parking in properly in spots designated for your business, it is a big help to have a towing company in your corner, ready to spring to action and be at your business to move the car that is breaking the parking rules.

Do not underestimate the loss to your business when customers can't easily and comfortably park. Although it seems harsh, in the end it is the offending car owners money or yours. And you are the business owner! There are enough expenses to worry about without losing business because your spots have been filled despite the sign warning that the car will be towed if they are not coming to your business. 

San Antonio Thomas Tow Truck will come to the rescue!

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